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Enjoyed by thieves p 2

I was absolutely naked one of 'em came near me and seat in daybed and spoke in hindi with me tu nangi kyun leti hain hum tere ghar mein saman lutne aye the ,saman ke badle tu milgayi nangi . Then usne mujhe uska mobile dikhaya I was thunder stuck OMG usne during the time that I was sl**ping shooted me naked and said agar tu chillayegi ya police ko bulayegi to ye movie main net pe dal dunga , tu chup stud hamare saath mazey legi to theek warna ,phir unhone mere muh khol diya ,I started crying plz mujhe chchor do they laughed and told Sali randi nangi soti aur natak karti they closed all the doors and windows and switched on the lamp of the room.

Alka and her Bhabhi Rekha Chapter 01 p 9

"Really we danced like this," Alka told holding Chintu very tightly.
"Come on Chintu hold me like u held me when this babe was inside," this babe winked at him. "Bhabhi has given her word that this babe won't scold us."
They hugged every other like 2 paramours in a Hindi video.
"How can u move if u hold every other so tightly?"
"I don't know. I said u the truth." Alka looked at Rekha for any signs of disapproval of their actions.

When It Rains It Pours p 2

So I got on my scooter and drove for about half a km when putt..puttt..putt...hisssss. The scooter engine just stopped with some ominous noises. I tried to restart it. Even tried the manual kick-start. Didn't work. Great. As if things couldn't receive any worse. Now I was moist to my skin, with my scooter and cell phone refusing to work, stranded on a deserted road at nearly 11 pm. I stood there re-evaluating the option of flagging down a car.


What a hawt son of whore he was. This guy started right in on the subject of fucking and engulfing. There was no thing holding him back. His large charcoal eyes, broad shoulders and six foot one hard body had me juicy in advance of this guy even opened his throat. It was Saturday afternoon on a hawt Fresh Delhi teach heading towards the airport. I was reading my 1st Hindi novel that shook the draws right off my beautifully shaped butt.

Lascivious man fucking mother and mother in law p 2

As my mother was already in the front seat with me in my car, my MIL sat in the rear seat. Untill that time I had not revealed to either my mother or my MIL of my affairs with 'em. So, on the way I said 'em that I was likewise having a large surprise for 'em.
I likewise said 'em that being an overnight trip we would halt at a hotel in Igatpuri where I'm given a enormous discount, as I stay with 'em often with my wife, check-in, have some breakfast & continue to Nasik.

my s&m check list p 9

Recorded Scenes - Photographs, Shared
Having photographs taken of u, either nude or indulging in a raunchy action, to be shared with others. Yep
Recorded Scenes - Movie, Intimate
Having movie taken of u, either nude or indulging in a raunchy action, for intimate viewing solely. Yep
Recorded Scenes - Movie, Shared
Having movie taken of u, either nude or indulging in a raunchy action, to be shared with others.

My s****r's Baby p 4

"I'll tell Mommy about the movie."
That stopped my s****r dead. This babe stopped yelling and looked
at me angrily; then her face suddenly took on a pleading look, as
this babe started to say, "Don't tell, I'll do everything, but don't
tell." I suppose this babe knew as well as I did what our parents would
say if they knew this babe had been fooling around. As for what would
happen if they knew this babe was dumb sufficiently to make a movie of


I ushered 'em into one of the movie booths by telling 'em we could see a actually naughty porn movie. There was just sufficiently room for the 3 of us to set down on the bench seat. I started a movie and noticed glory holes on every side of the booth. Mommy asked what they were for and I said her. This babe knelt down and looked thru it and told there was a guy jacking off, this babe reached her hand thru and after a minute brought it back thru with semen on it.

HAIKU's #1 (in C D E F G H (NL) I &

A collection of HAIKU's, 1st in five languages: Dutch, English, French, German and Polish
I begin with 3 in English after observation of voyeur movie of a dark brown hotty bating
After each haiku in some other tongue I will try to give a variation of it in English as well
I will 1st explain how it all started to happen here for me - quite unexpectedly in fact!
In almost any HAIKU's I try to play with the sound of it in four different tongues from my mother's

Erin p 113

"Do u wanna fuck Brad?" Tasha asked.
"I don't know," Erin shrugged. "Why not? I mean, if I'm gonna do it, this guy's good. And I do like giving him a head."
"I think if u're gonna do it, u should make it your 1st movie," Tasha told lazily.
"U mean like yours?" Erin asked.
"No, I don't mean getting ****d against your will," Tasha told. "I mean making a movie where u losing your virginity is part of the video.

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