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Have u ever made a porno? p 3

So I thought about it for a minute. I suppose I could do it if I didn't show my face, it's not like I hadn't had a one night stand or 2 in advance of so to receive paid for it would be kewl. So I said him I was game. So this guy said me to pursue him to wardrobe and we'd receive started on my test shots. I followed him into a room that should have been a bedroom but instead it had racks of S&M gear like department store.

Living Like a Bull Part Two p 3

Anyways I went up to the bar and got myself a swallow, glanced around the room to discover somebody/smth interesting. Well there was not much crowd and even if there was they were engaged with other couples or singles in the scene.
I was drinking beer looking across the room and this masked man who smiled at me coyly in advance of was looking at me afresh, this time giving me a giant smile.As this guy was walking towards me I noticed that this guy was old and aged.

It's All About Sex (Honestly) p 4

The rest I wanna experience for real...
Have u ever had a one-night-stand?
One or 2...
Have u ever had sex with somebody related to u?
NO! I'm not from the Southern United States...ha-ha-ha...
hve u ever picked up somebody from a singles bar?
Nope. I've at no time had that kind of luck...
Have u ever had phone sex?
Yes, several times...
Do u browse porn on the internet or on television?

Living Like a Bull Part Two p 2

So here i was , parked in front of the club which looked nearly deserted. hmmm.. I was suddenly not so sure about entering this one , But i thought i should anyways try , so i killed the engine, got without the car and walked towards the club. Two sweethearts were sitting behind a table , they were weirdly clothed though, they were wearing denims and a jacket which had the club logo on it. Smth said me i was atleast at the right place.Anyways i went ahead.

please dad Two p 7

I've to say that we were the one and the other clothed, and in a way that very pretty soon became the standard for the times we didn't plan to leave the abode at weekends. I had on a set of sweats I'd been using when I had a jogging fad, during the time that Sam just wore a short petticoat and an undersized T-shirt. The thing about her petticoat is that if this babe stood still, or sat with her knees close jointly, it looked perfectly respectable.

My 1st Guy Sex

During the time that married to my second wife, we began swinging with other singles and couples, but it was one pair especially that impacted me: Sean and Lorie. Lorie and my wife loved making out with one some other and so, on one occasion when they were doing so, Sean shoved me down onto the daybed and began sliding his hard dick against mine; I had at no time done that in advance of and discovered myself getting harder than I had ever been with a woman!

What Happens in Vegas

I wrote this story for a ally, said from a woman's point of view...or at least what I THINK would be a woman's point of view! Was I successful? Let me know!
The lounge is sure crowded tonight, u muse to yourself, curious where all your dude patrons have come from and what their plans are for the weekend. It's appears to be a mixed crowd full of couples, singles, youthful and old. U take the 1st sips of your swallow, thankful that u discovered a table to sit at and luckily, one that gives a consummate vantage point for people-watching.

My 1st gal

I was shopping for some underware in a tiny shop when a sales rep asked if I needed aid. I said her I was just looking around and this babe told to let her know if I needed any aid. This babe stayed nearby working on the racks as I looked things over.
I discovered a sheer brassiere and panty set and held it up in front of myself.
"This guy'll like that" this babe told.
"There's no this guy" I told.

1st dark Tgirl

I've been wondering what to write about not long ago. I've received a request to write about me and my s****r, but that's a road I might have trouble going down. This day I was thinking about my bisexual stripper girlfriend from the past, who loved bringing home other strippers (mostly lesbos) for some hawt threesomes. However, this day I shall write about my 1st Transgender experience.
I had responded to an ad placed by a self described hawt dark female that was in the local singles section of a free weekly paper.

The Villein School a story i'm working on p 33

Giving one of the winches a turn Adam stretched the hands of one of the students, making the youthful golden-haired burst into tears, her cry muffled from the ball gag in her throat as her whole body convulsed in ache, having her ass lifted off the table a single drop of her vagina juice came leaking out. Ignoring the obvious ache in the youthful bitch face Adam turned and looked down at Sapphire, "now what is it u wanted to watch me for doxy?", still at her hands and knees Sapphire answered "one of the titty racks broke dom' I had to transfer Grace here to some other one after this babe broke one of the chains".

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