» revista h para hombres octubre 2012

revista h para hombres octubre 2012


Ja anoitecera, tive meus pes e maos acorrentados para que nao pudesse correr, apenas caminhar com dificuldade e lentamente. Puseram-me uma venda nos olhos, them seguida escutei a voz dela:
- Vamos escravo!
Fui conduzido lentamente para o inner da casa. Podia escutar perfeitamente mais vozes naquele lugar. Subi tres degraus e escutei sua ordem:
- Pare aqui inutil!
Them seguida ela retirou minha venda.


Minha Luciana introduziu aos poucos e com muito oleo todos os seus dedos them meu backdoor me fazendo um fist-fucking. Eu suava frio e gemia de dor. Quando ela conseguiu introduzir toda sua mao ate o punho, a plateia emitiu uma ovacao de espanto. A unica coisa q eu podia fazer nesse momento era relaxar e emitir menos gemidos possiveis para nao ser mais castigado por ela. Ela impiedosamente introduzia sua mao ate o punho e surrava incansavelmente minha bunda com a outra.

Si papi siempre me has gustado

Tenia Eighteen anos cuando mi viejo, me cogio por primera vez.
Desde hacia varios anos me fui a vivir con mi papa, viviamos los dos solos y nuestra relacion de padre e hijo siempre fue muy liberal. Era normal para mi ver desnudo a mi viejo, y por mas que me calentaba nunca insinue nada.
Esa noche de verano de mucho calor, mi papa entra a mi cuarto mientras yo dormia, el ruido de la puerta hizo que me despertara, al notar eso me dice

The Hastings Bitch Part 1

The Hastings Bitch
On Wednesday Third September 2012, me and my allies travelled down to Hastings for a allies engagement do. We arrived around about 3pm and made our way to the hotel we were staying at. Around 6pm, we left the Hotel and made our way to a pub called the Anchor in advance of gonna the engagement party.
We arrived at the Anchor and it looked nice-looking busy. We got ourselves a table and decided a round or Two.

Final Guy On Earth p 2

I called the nurse.
"Excuse me i may have hit my head a little too hard where am I?"
Unknown nurse: "U're in St. Teresa Hospital"
"I mean like state?"
Unknown Nurse: "California, anyways I'll be right back i think somebody a little higher up should know about this."
Higher up? i thought to myself? What the copulates going on? California, why in the hell would somebody take me to California from Ferndale, Michigan coz of a car accident?

Slaves Of The Copper Coast

' Morris Kenyon April 2012.

When wealthy youthful broker James Baxter is sent to the tropical country of Kupro Marbordo, the Copper Coast, he's amazed to discover that thraldom is a well established custom there. Initially shocked, this guy pretty soon finds himself owning a gorgeous slave-girl ' with all that implies regarding her discipline and training.

Peak Performance Orgasmic Remy and Manuel

This is a detailed description of a scene from Remy Lacroix (Elegant Cutie, 2012 ' directed by Mason). For me, it's one of the great scenes I ahve witnessed in porn.
The most good performances in porn are these where there's true chemistry and excitement betwixt the participants. Excitement trumps almost any things, even physical hotty. A gorgeous woman who does not have a fun acting in porn is a hollow shell.

dark male aid indian lady

Hi everyone my name is Jamal Ray I'm a 27 years old Black-Arab man been living in Hyderabad India for Three years now and leaving by the end of 2012. I like anything about India, the Culture,People,Food,Language,Music and alot greater amount and I make no doubt of Indian woman are one of the Almost any gorgeous sweethearts on earth as I'm somebody who enjoys reading erotic stories (I'm not a Fan of Porn but it's kewl sometimes.

Sir Filmed Guy Fuckfest

' 2012 Robbie Webb

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Si papi siempre me has gustado p 3

Me hizo chuparsela de nueva hasta ponerla bien dura, me dio vuelta y comenzo a meterla muy delicadamente hasta que entro toda, me dolia pero disfrutaba teniendolo adentro mio.
Papa: - Uhhhh, senti como entro toda la chota de papa, te gusta?
Yo: - Si, pero duele un poquito
Papa: - Te voy a coger despacio asi no te duele y gozas mas.
Mientras me cogia, me preguntaba
Papa: - Te gusta tener el pedazo de carne que te dio vida adentro del ojete.

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