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open gum gum style song

My s****r Brooke p 80

I didn't especially wanna drive coz I was sure there'd be tons of beer there, and I didn't wanna risk getting stopped on the way back to the hotel after the party.
Looking at the flyer, I noticed that it was nondescript. It implied that the party was hosted by the college, but after the discussion with the men at the school, I was sure it was a frat party. The presentation of the flyer, I was sure, was to lure unsuspecting gals.

Cuckold Humiliation p 2

A group of men surrounded 'em and they groped and dry humped the gals for the rest of the song. I went over to a table and sipped on my swallow during the time that I watched. They danced for a pair of hours and then the song "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails came on and Christina grabbed one man during the time that my wife grabbed some other. They smutty danced with their partners and actually ground into every other during the part of the song that goes "I wanna fuck u like an a****l...

Undress Club p 2

We snuggled into one of the back booths and after a not many drinks this babe got up and started giving me a close dance. This babe stratteled my legs and was rubbing her vagina on my haunch. This babe slipped open her top and let her nipps hang out. Her aerola were giant around the nipp and much blacker than the rest of her silky smooth skin.
The 1st song ended and this babe didn't move from my lap but did lean forward so here breast were crammed against my neck with my face just above the cleavage.

what a song What did this babe use for a mic???

This babe came in with her ally, this babe looked astounding as did her ally the one and the other clothed in denim miniskirts and constricted tops.after about Thirty minutes this babe put up a request to sing at the karaoke, i put on her song and called her onto the stage this babe lazily came up making sure everybody saw her.her ally moved in closer to see her sitting just feet from the stage,this babe began to sing (not too bad i thought)her ally had opened her legs slightly just flashing a small triangle of her white knickers her nipps growing visibly hard.as this babe sang this babe looked directly at me moving her body as this babe danced sexily,her ally nodded in appreciation with her legs open even greater amount.After the song this babe came up and thanked me and asked if this babe could stay up with me how could i say no this babe grabbed a chair and sat close by me.I carried on with the karaoke during the time that chatting with Gillian, her ally stayed sitting where this babe was i casually mentioned i could watch her knickers to which this babe replied that was a deliberate move just for me if i wanted this babe would ask her to take 'em off.

My s****r Brooke p 110

During the time that I'd at no time performed this routine in advance of, I'd seen it many times, so I joined her on the dance floor. We danced jointly, with me following her lead. The crowd started singing and clapping along as we danced. I just now noticed that the DJ was playing the longer version of the song, the one from the movie, which lasts over four and a half minutes. I wasn't sure I could keep up this aerobic routine that lengthy, but I was giving it my most good try.

Friday Night p 18

The chorus ends and the song proceeds into the verse.
Sir pulls my hair, lifting my head from the floor with one hand and cups my sex with the other. I'm so juicy. This guy lazily circles the aperture of my butt, lubricating it with my own arousal. This guy places tiny bites on my cheeks as this guy proceeds to juicy his fingers and circle me. Just as the line of the song begins in advance of the chorus, this guy spanks me hard and then inserts a finger into my butt.

My s****r Brooke p 111

I caught 'em and watched her as this babe performed the last minute of her dance routine in her brassiere and bikinis, which had pulled down some in the back when this babe removed her shorts, exposing a tiny part of her crack. The crowd went wild, laughing, cheering, clapping, and singing along with the song. Brooke had worked up quite a sweat by the end of the song. When the music stopped, this babe flung herself into me, threw her arms around my neck, brought her lips to mine and kissed me hard, driving her tongue unfathomable inside my throat.


They lazily danced that way and rubbed their hands up and down from their partner's haunches to their breasts and back down. They turned the sweethearts around and kissed 'em unfathomable nearly like it was choreographed. Annette let her hand go to Jerry's crotch. This guy was getting hard and this guy was large. Then the song ended the men took the hands of the gals and lead 'em to the patio. The guys switched partners so Annette was now with Frank.

My s****r Brooke p 109

There was still tons of food remaining, and several untapped kegs of beer.
Brooke and I mingled throughout the crowd. We paused against a wall when Brooke started giving a kiss me. Holding my beer in one hand, I reached around her and pulled her in constricted. We made out for a lengthy time, during the time that drinking on our beers betwixt kisses. I finished my sandwich and the one and the other of us finished our beers, and as we walked back toward the room with the food, the song started, and I got an erection.

Blackmail Has Consequences p 16

Then this babe placed 'em in the dish washer and told glumly, "Watch u 2 later." Then this babe was gone.
Mommy went to the phone and dialed a number during the time that I hummed along to a song playing on the radio. Mommy's voice lazily encroached onto the song playing in my head as I heard her saying,"...oh yep, I'm sure this guy'll be in the next day. It's probably a twenty-four hour bug, this guy was up quite a bit final night.

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