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Each mother can change

Each mother can change
indian sex story

Hello all I'm rahul and this is my real experiences .. Have a fun
Well folks I'm 24 and from chennai town, we live in a flat and my f****y consists of me, my mother and my father who works in the gulf. This guy comes solely one time a year. My mommy is 48 years old but I need to say this babe does not look her age. She's very fair and 5 feet tall, 60kgs and a bit chunky with a large butt and tits.

Raj & His Mommy Spend Their Vacation In Goa p 3

It was 9 pm. The one and the other of 'em were sitting in the sofa in the hall. Nalini told 'Dear, I'm very glad with your exam results'. Raj replied 'Thanks mommy, I'm glad too'. This babe told 'So I've planned a trip for us'. Raj asked 'Where are we going mommy?'. This babe replied
Goa, dear. We are gonna Goa. It will be a 5 day trip, and I've already booked a teach for us the next day night'.

Raj & His Mommy Spend Their Vacation In Goa p 10

Raj inquired his mommy 'What are the plans this day evening mommy?' Nalini replied 'We are gonna visit a not many nearby places as it's evening already, and then we are going for shopping.' So Raj changed his costume and wore a jeans pant and T-Shirt. Nalini remarked 'Woah ,they look consummate son and you're looking gracious.' This guy replied 'Thanks for the compliments mommy'. Raj took his handycam along with him.

Raj & His Mommy Spend Their Vacation In Goa p 4

Since it was a constricted brassiere, this babe was unable to hook her by herself. Her melons were juggling and her hips swayed to and fro, as this babe walked towards her son with the one and the other her hands holding her unhooked brassiere. This babe asked Raj, 'Dear, Can u fasten the hooks in my brassiere, it's a bit constricted'. Raj replied 'Ya sure mommy' as this guy hooked her brassiere.
This guy had done it a not many times in advance of, and it wasn't unusual for him.

Raj & His Mommy Spend Their Vacation In Goa p 11

Raj asked his mommy, 'Mommy can I choose one greater amount for u?'. This babe replied 'No dear, one is sufficiently now as I haven't worn underware in advance of, I don't know whether it will look nice for me. If it's good we can purchase some greater amount the next day'. Raj replied, 'Wonderful mommy' and as they were about to leave the shop after billing, Raj noticed some other section in the basement.

Raj & His Mommy Spend Their Vacation In Goa

Raj & His Mommy Spend Their Vacation In Goa
A work of fiction. Raj was a Eighteen year old guy. This guy was living with his mommy Nalini in Lucknow. This babe was a widow. Raj's daddy died 8 years agone, when this guy was 10 years old. Initially, when her spouse died, Nalini was very depressed for nearly a year after his death. But this babe lazily turned her attention towards her son. This babe was very affectionate with him and took nice care of him.

Raj & His Mommy Spend Their Vacation In Goa p 2

Raj was in the last year of his schooling. 12th exams were fast approaching. So, this guy was fully inclined towards his studies. This guy was a studious guy and obtains nice marks beneath the guidance of his mommy. As the exams were fast approaching, Nalini was fully engrossed in teaching her son and getting him prepared for the exams.
Nalini was a caring mommy and was very amicable with her son.

Raj & His Mommy Spend Their Vacation In Goa p 7

It was a moderate sized pool. Then Nalini took a view of the room. This babe was amazed by the look of the room. It was a neatly furnished room. Nalini asked her son 'Dear, do u like this room?'. Raj replied,' It is outstanding mommy' with a smile. Nalini remarked 'ya dear, it is outstanding and privacy is the main thing in this hotel.'
The one and the other were chatting for a not many moments.

Raj & His Mommy Spend Their Vacation In Goa p 25

Tomorrow Raj asked his mommy, 'Mommy, Can u be in the underware all time. I love u seeing in these.' Nalini thought for a pont of time and replied,'Okay, but solely untill your college begins, since u will must concentrate on your studies.' Raj was very glad as his mommy accepted his request. Pretty soon the construction work of their swimming pool was over, and the swimming pool was willing.
They were enjoying themselves.

Raj & His Mommy Spend Their Vacation In Goa p 17

It was absolutely drenched in water. But Raj didn't notice all those as this guy was busy drying his hair with towel. As this babe was drying her hair, Raj started to change his costume. Nalini saw this and stopped him, 'No dear, don't change back to your normal costume. 1st try your fresh underclothes we bought this day.' This babe continued,
In any case we are gonna change our dresses as it's very juicy, and we will catch cold if we sl**p with those.

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