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my s&m check list p 9

Recorded Scenes - Photographs, Shared
Having photographs taken of u, either nude or indulging in a raunchy action, to be shared with others. Yep
Recorded Scenes - Movie, Intimate
Having movie taken of u, either nude or indulging in a raunchy action, for intimate viewing solely. Yep
Recorded Scenes - Movie, Shared
Having movie taken of u, either nude or indulging in a raunchy action, to be shared with others.

Sharing The Fishing Trip

Shared 2nd time
After being shared with Joe and this guy left the next morning me and hubby cleaned up the kitchen and went to the living room, sat down and watched the news. I was thinking about my bald vagina and wanted to show hubby but decided to await for the right time. After the news was over hubby leaned over and kissed me, and said me I made him so hawt and that this guy was proud of me for going throughout with his craves for me to be a shared wife.

Hot babe shared by Two guys

Hot babe shared by two guys

-You know, guys... I like both of u... - Ilina told... -What did u say, babe? That's how this movie starts... How do u think what is waiting for u here? Well, Ilina isn't that shy babe who is afraid of anyone... She doesn't want to refuse the chan

A sexy weekend at home p 55

They watched as Susie and Megan moved easily into a "69", bringing every other to crashing climaxes in advance of watching Mike and Ian do the same.
Megan laid back, engulfing Ian's dick as her c***dren shared her vagina. This babe carried on engulfing as Mike screwed his s****r doggy style, driving her harder onto their Mum's vagina with each thrust. Meagan and Susie shared Mike's dick, beckoning Ian to join 'em.

Great babe shared between 2 guys

Great babe shared between 2 guys

What they have been doing before was exhausting, so Daniela and her Two buddies just fell asleep. Naked, all on the same bed. Not hard to predict what they were up to when they woke up, right? Watch 'them start getting it on again - First it's some mouth play, and then Daniela enjoys insertions from both ends. Don't miss the ending with Two great cumshots!

The craving 5 p 26

Afresh I discovered myself feeling sorry for Matt, as ironic as that appeared to be considering this guy was buried to the hilt in constricted vagina at this very pont of time. This guy would must dig into his reserves to keep up with all of those lascivious sweethearts for the rest of the trip. If Kristie was a virgin as her mother believed, then that was just some other valuable thing to be shared among f****y now.

A sexy weekend at home p 54

With a moan this babe came, her juices flooding Susie's throat as waves of enjoyment crashed throughout her body. This babe closed her eyes as at 1st Susie screwed her vagina with her tongue, prolonging the ache and enjoyment that filled her, in advance of lapping gently at her vagina and clitoris as her Mum relaxed afresh.
Megan opened her eyes just in time to watch Ian tensing beside her, and then Mike swallowing frantically as his Daddy's cum erupted into his throat.

My Mad College Sex Life Part Three p 3

Her and Karen made out and shared it then laid back next to me. This babe then said me to receive my stuff I'd must go home as I should stay here with 'em until we leave. I then went home with my head running. Amber would at no time know and I felt so guilty not telling her. This babe had texted me final night telling me how much this babe missed and how much this babe wished I could be there cuddling with her right now.

Moni shared

I'm Moni the wife. I love telling those stories from the wifes perspective.
I wanted to be a shared wife from the starting so it all started a not many weeks after we were married.
One day hubby's cousin Dan was visiting from without city ans was staying with us for a week. We had at no time met but i discovered him cute. i had alreary said my hubby how i wanted my lifestyle and this guy acceded as lengthy as this guy always gotta see.

Caught masturbating by my Motherinlaw p 3

This babe quickly jumped off the daybed and slipped my ramrod in her throat as I discharged an unbelievable load of cum. This babe quickly got up and placed our lips jointly and we shared my cum!
When we were done we talked and this babe mentioned that this babe had sneeked in and watched me masturbate in the past and had actually enjoyed it, but had at no time had the opportunity coz we had at no time been alone!

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