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When A Fantasy Become's Reality!!!

As I mentioned in my profile I used to, still occasionally do, write sexy adult stories for ladies and like minded couples and in return they would try some of the things I wrote about and some even sent pics and movies to show they had a nice time enjoying those stories.
So I've decided to download some of those stories to watch if u like 'em and if u do, feel free to message me and let me know what u think and if u feel that way inclined, send me a photo or 2 in return for the goodwill gesture I've given u!

Hynotist Next Door

This is an extended adaptation of a story I read online many years agone. It stuck in my head and I added to it and embellished it in my own ultra-raunchy way. Reading the amazing erotic tales posted here by DizzyD427 and Kinkybelle have inspired me to finish my version of this one and download it. Really, this is solely the 1st of several chapters. I'll flesh out and download the others as time permits.

My wife copulates youthful dark man and leaves me p 3

In advance of that night I was always in the room during the time that this babe was fucking and sometimes even participating. From that night on I can solely hear from some other room.
We got a baby (not a dark baby but our baby) 5 weeks agone. In one week this babe will be able to fuck afresh, and I desire her to fuck a dark man in advance of this babe copulates me for the 1st time after the birth.

A FATHERS Dream p 25

Everyone saw the saliva strands were attached from my purple-red dick head to her lips. I don't know what dropped the quickest with my buddies, their jaws or their panties. I've at no time seen men receive without their panties as quickly as my buddies did when they knew for sure they were all gonna receive head from my daughter. Now they stood next to me on either side forming a semi circle of nude men all with strong erections.

Kristina's sex buddies come to her aid and give her a much needed anal pounding

Kristina's sex buddies come to her aid and give her a much needed anal pounding

Kristina's ass was in need of some hard pounding. And this was taken care of by having a hot anal threesome with her young sex buddies.

Dave's younger b*****r and my wife p 5

This babe told this guy was with his buddies playing basketball in the street and when this babe pulled up, this babe asked where Dave was. this guy told this guy was gone for the week. This babe told this babe put on her most good puppy-dog face and pouted ohhh,
Ken told u wanna have a soda? this babe told Okay. This babe went in and this babe told where is everyone. ken told they are all gone and explained.

A FATHERS Dream p 19

My dick was strong now. I looked at everybody with a bored look.
'Why is everybody looking at me? Becki is Nineteen; she's old sufficiently to make her own choices. If this babe desires to play with her garments that's her call.'
One of my buddies, Mike, stuttering told, 'But'this babe's your daughter. U wouldn't care if we saw her, um, nude.'
I shrugged my shoulders. 'Oh shit men. Let's be a little honest here.

Aunt Abby and The Artist (Part II)

This is the continuing saga of Abby and her nephew. During the time that it's a work of fiction, it has been inspired by and dedicated to my dear ally Abby Rhodes, in case u haven't already figured that out. I had intended on uploading some of her pics with her permission, but they wouldn't download, so if u would like to watch greater amount of the incredible woman who inspired this piece of reality-based fiction, here is her page.

A FATHERS Dream p 23

Then they fell quiet not knowing if this babe would actually give everybody head. My daughter
Becki stood up in front of our poker table, the light made her nude body look incredible. This babe smiled at us, giving a quizzical look. Nobody told everything, I think my buddies were not sure what to do now, after all this was my daughter and I was sure they still didn't think I'd be okay with her giving everybody head.

A FATHERS Dream p 21

My dick was straining against the fabric of my panties as I glanced around at my buddies I could tell they had the same problem; I saw 'em subtly adjusting the bulges in their panties.
'I guess u men desire me to turn around?' Becki told as this babe looked over her shoulder at us. Mike told yep. Then Becki turned around just sufficiently so we got a great side view of her giant breasts then this babe stopped.

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