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On the Safari part 1

On the safari
Part 1
We were off on our vacation trip to South-Africa. We got the tickets for this trip from some other pair. They were an
older pair and they decided to give the tickets away coz they were no longer fit to journey on the lengthy flight to
South Africa. To me and my girlfriend, Sue, it was simple trip and we always wanted to watch other countries sooner or later
and this was a great opportunity.

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Allies for anything

Hi allies my name is Aman 24 from Delhi. We are a wealthy punjabi f****y living in a posh locality in Delhi. My father is a trader and exporter so has to journey a lot to china and other countries and sometimes the f****y receives to go too.
To come to the point, the ladies namely Gulneet my mommy 42 and my s****r Hottie Twenty one are sexy vixens who turn heads wherever they go. They are modern, broadminded, sexy social butterflies' possessing great hotty and excellent bodies mainly due to regular gym and mostly genetics.

When It Rains It Pours p 3

"It's a nice-looking bad storm, Madam. Trees fallen all over. The road is shut on the Panipat side about a km that way. And on the Delhi side a pair of km that way. I was just cycling back home from the garage I work at. It's just a km away."
This didn't sound nice. If the road was closed the one and the other ways, how was I to receive home? The guy realized what I was thinking from the worried look on my face and told,

When It Rains It Pours p 4

"I'm Zahid Qureishi. If u don't mind my asking.... what is a youthful lady like u doing here at this time? We usually don't receive Delhi 'memsaahibs' in our parts."
"I had some work in a village near Panipat. Was driving back when this storm started."
"Yep, this storm is actually unexpected. At no time seen it rain like this even in the monsoons."
This guy stayed silent after that, but I noticed that this guy'd keep stealing glances at me.

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I was lying nude on the daybed the the one and the other of 'em came near me and I started stroking the one and the other their dicks.i took the one and the other their dicks in my throat spitting on their dicks.

When It Rains It Pours

The speed with which the clouds gathered and the skies opened up took me by surprise. I was on my scooter, driving back from a work-related assignment in a village about 100 km outside of Delhi. Usually, I'd take the car for such a distance, but it refused to begin in the morning. I expected to return in advance of sunset, but the assignment had taken longer than expected and by the time I got done, the villagers insisted I've dinner in advance of leaving.

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