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My Wife's Past part 1 p 10

This babe went on. 'Well, Craig realizes it was a mistake, now, but this guy always wanted to know how far Brian had got with Bethann and, well, one night, in daybed, this babe said him ' and it made him very ' sexually excited.'
I couldn't think of everything to say, so I just shook my head, as if in disbelief, feeling very hypocritical, and waited for Stacey to proceed.
'After that, Craig was very embarrassed ' about his reaction.

My Wife's Past part 1 p 6

But then, at final, Stacey and I entered into a full raunchy relationship and the delights of her body were beneath my eyes and hands and lips and I lazily forgot about Craig' diary. But, each time I met him, or this guy was talked about betwixt us, my guilt feelings resurfaced, and I wondered how this guy thought about his s****r, now ' now that they were the one and the other adult, and married.

Filmed With Dogs p 21

weight without her arms and gazed with hunger one final time at the
petite morsel of delight sl**ping soundly on the floor. After a not many
moments, Craig came into the room.
"Take her up to her room, Craig." This babe stood up, stretching her lengthy
catlike body. Each muscle, each inch of her glowing flesh was alive.
Craig smiled. "I got it all on film." His lengthy body leaned over as this guy

Aunt Jean's Illicit romance (12 chapters) p 113

"Do u think it would be a good birthday gift?"
"Mmm... yep. Almost any everybody likes to feel pampered one time in a during the time that."
"There... there'd probably be... like different plans? Wouldn't there? U know, different things included in various makeovers? Right? So... different prices?"
Betty Thompson smiled afresh. "Yep, probably."
"If I call and... and then write down what's in every...

My Wife's Past part 1 p 7

'No,' told Stacey, and this babe started to sob. 'Poor Craig,' this babe cried, 'this guy doesn't know what to do.'
'Can't they patch it up?' I asked, putting my arm round her shoulders. This babe turned to face me and buried her head in my chest.
'I don't know ' Bethann's gone home, and Craig is all alone in that abode. It's all Brian's fault ' this guy at no time could resist a nice-looking gal ' even his most good ally's wife!'

I lost my Cherry p 2

I looked at Craig this guy was 6'4 dark guy and Tracy was this enjoyable skinny blond and in a million years u would at no time think this pair would do this..Are u interested in sharing and would your wife be..i told point blank the wife would say NO..but I'd love to play..
Craig told so u would like to have some joy with my wife,,if that's Okay with u yep please..i was d***k so i was up for everything..Tracy wondered off then came down with a enjoyable matching couple of panties and brassiere,this babe look so nice,nice sufficiently to eat..

When A Fantasy Become's Reality!!!

As I mentioned in my profile I used to, still occasionally do, write sexy adult stories for ladies and like minded couples and in return they would try some of the things I wrote about and some even sent pics and movies to show they had a nice time enjoying those stories.
So I've decided to download some of those stories to watch if u like 'em and if u do, feel free to message me and let me know what u think and if u feel that way inclined, send me a photo or 2 in return for the goodwill gesture I've given u!

Aunt Jean's Illicit romance (12 chapters) p 131

This guy put the bag of ice on the island counter then extended his hand to his son's ally. This guy shook it firmly as did the k**. Bill's eyes were on the gal though. "So... who's this u're with?"
"Yeah, uh... Mr. Thompson, this is Jean Mazur. Jean this is Josh's daddy, Mr. Thompson."
Bill grinned as this guy extended his hand afresh and this babe took it. "Hello, Jean. Ron didn't say this guy'd be bringing a da..." His brow pinched. "Ahh...

Hynotist Next Door

This is an extended adaptation of a story I read online many years agone. It stuck in my head and I added to it and embellished it in my own ultra-raunchy way. Reading the amazing erotic tales posted here by DizzyD427 and Kinkybelle have inspired me to finish my version of this one and download it. Really, this is solely the 1st of several chapters. I'll flesh out and download the others as time permits.

The Redhead's Secret p 6

I'd have at no time... ever. This guy's yours. I'll leave him just now."
And suddenly Heather felt no anger toward this gal at all, and all of her wrath directed itself at Craig. Craig that butthole who thought this guy could cheat and receive away with it. That jerk who lied to 2 gals. In fact, Heather felt sympathy for Erin.
The 2 sat and had coffee and chatted for a lengthy time. Heather felt like this babe indeed gotta know Erin and this babe hoped Erin felt like this babe indeed gotta know her.

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