My Situation Part 1

So I know a guy my age should not be looking at teenage gals but I just can't aid that I like youthful sweethearts. They drive me mad with their mad new bodies and open attitude to all kinds of sex and being photographed.
The saga I'm about to tell to u is a bit lengthy so I shall tell it in four parts. Think what u will of me by the end but ask yourself would u do everything different?
The 1st part of the story takes put in mid September.

Aunt Abby and The Artist (Part II)

This is the continuing saga of Abby and her nephew. During the time that it's a work of fiction, it has been inspired by and dedicated to my dear ally Abby Rhodes, in case u haven't already figured that out. I had intended on uploading some of her pics with her permission, but they wouldn't download, so if u would like to watch greater amount of the incredible woman who inspired this piece of reality-based fiction, here is her page.

A CrossDresser's tale

U may think of me as Fiona, and I'm a cross-dresser.
A story by Erica inspired me to pen my saga of cross-dressing.
I'm likewise a recovering alcoholic, with a not many days over Nineteen years out of a swallow as I write this, and I guess the 2 tales are intertwined to some extent.
Not that I'm a saint by any means, lots of people with a lot less time have a more good sobriety than I. But I learned that alcohol is a poison to me, so I avoid it.

Bethany Benton's Birthday Surprise p 13

On Saturday, Daddy went golfing, and my b*****rs took off. I had the opportunity to rewind that videotape--except I didn't. I continued to see the saga of my mother and Robert in the motel.
"Tell him where u desire me to fuck u now!" Robert told to Mommy on tape.
Mommy looked at the spot off camera where Daddy stood, and told in a throaty but clear voice, "I desire u to sodomize my butt. I desire u to fuck my butthole Robert.

USS INTERPRIK a Sex Trek story (2012 by Salmacius)

This story is similar to other one U can watch and is set like the cinema of the saga of "Star Trek" - so imagine in practice the same customs and the same atmosphere - and it's the story of an interplanetary tour, with a not many differences ... . that this will at no time discover the video or the text of it.
It describes the travel of the "USS INTERPRIK" - starship ship in the same class as the most good known "USS ENTERPRISE", but this is greater amount modern and spacecraft that made a mysterious travel, a secret mission which for various reasons at no time ended for be described elsewhere and transmitted in your screens ...

The Gal on the Mountain

The Gal on the Mountain.

Alex was lost. It wasn't the place or the time to be lost as this guy knew all too well. Being lost might, in other circumstances, be merely an annoyance; a frustrating delay perhaps but essentially trivial. There were other circumstances however when being lost was a much graver condition; a circumstance in which it was a serious danger and one that placed u in mortal danger of your life.

Lost In The City

Lost In The City

Mia is lost in the city but Kari offers her a warm welcome !

Tempted by b*****r (Part 7 without 8) p 7

This guy acted as if, this guy was fully unaware of it. Besides, this guy acted as if I didn't watch what I just saw.
I was staring at him. I lost it I suppose, cause I couldn't stop staring at him. I couldn't stop staring at his boner. I'm sure my eyes were full of questions. But this guy was looking at me as casual as always.
-Want tea?-He asked.
I nodded. I think I lost my force of speech probably forever.

My allies Mommy

This is a true account of how I lost my virginity. I've changed the names
in the story but the rest is nice-looking much how it happened

I grew up in a mainly dark neighborhood, all the men I hung out with were dark apart from the odd Hispanic fellow. Whilst growing up, I wasn't actually interested in anyone, almost any of my boy-friends had girlfriends, told they lost their virginity already and me not wanting to be left out told I lost mine as well but certainly, it wasn't true and my boy-friends picked up on this seeing I hardly dated anyone.

Now Katy has lost her virginity there's no stopping her; this is a porn star in the making!

Now Katy has lost her virginity there's no stopping her; this is a porn star in the making!

Will Katy now go on to do more porn since she's lost her virginity? Does she have a taste for it now? We sincerely hope so, we haven't seen nearly as much of her sweet little pussy as we'd like to.

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