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Mommy's still my 1st p 69

looking back at me. A smile came across her face as this babe started to move
down my body, giving a kiss and licking each square inch as this babe went. Mommy
stopped at my navel and during the time that this babe was licking the inside I felt her hands
move down the inside of my legs to my knees. This babe stopped at the knees and
gently shoved 'em further apart as this babe started to move further down towards

Dom's Birthday p 3

Grabbing a sponge I lazily move down into the water likewise knowing not too look at him. Which is very hard for me. Even though he's my boy-friend, and love of my life, he's still my dom, and I can still be castigate. "Is my dom willing to be wash or would u rather play with your toys I've brought to u for your birthday." I ask soft and low. This guy told, "No, I wanna play 1st", and motion me to move to him.

Daniel and I ... p 2

Daniel whispered in my ear 'David, I desire u to throw this vagina back to me.' I answered 'I...I don't know how,' this guy instructed 'just move your hips like I move mine. Lazily I tried to move, the ache was so intensive that I tighten my anal muscles and Daniel groaned sweetly in my ear.
I got so turned on that I tried to squeeze his cock shaft each time I rotated my ass. Daniel whispered 'reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart,' lazily I worked my hands betwixt our bodies and grasped my buns.


This room has a chair in it and I shove u to it and I'm happy it doesn't have arms. As u sit down u pull your shirt from your body and lay it to the side. One time u're sitting down I move forward straddling your lap. I smile as I take your very hard dick into my hand and start to lower myself onto it guiding it into my juicy vagina. I move my hands to your shoulders as I take u all the way into me.

Heartbroken p 6

I unplugged my flat screen from the cable box and realized that I'd either need aid or a cart to move it. If I put the back seats down and put it on top of my garments to give a soft surface to rest on I could easily receive it in the back. I called downstairs and the building manager was solely too glad to loan me a dolly to move it with. Unfortunately, this guy couldn't aid me move it coz of his bad back.

CRUSH p 25

This babe guided the head of his dick to her pink flaps. Then this guy was in her! This babe was juicy and willing and even with his size it was smooth and hawt as his dick slid deeper and deeper into her. This babe loved the feel of him in her and squeezed her slit even tighter around him. "Don't Move, stay right there a minute so I can feel all of u in me."
This guy wasn't about to move. Any move on his part and this guy knew this guy would cum.

youthful and old p 8

This guy moved closer and got his hand on his very hard dick. I tried to move up on the daybed to avoid penetration, but this guy quickly grabbed onto my shoulders and pulled me back down toward him. This guy tried to guide his dick in when I used all my strength to move my arms and overspread up my vagina from his dick, then turned onto my back and told.
"No Phillip. Please, This is wrong. We can't do this.

The Initiation p 13

Oh God it wasn't stopping. I just kept cumming and cumming as they plowed into my vagina and butt.
Lastly it started to subside just a little, and I was getting back up on my elbows to finish 'em as I heard my spouse say ' Shit, Cop.'
This guy put the camera on the daybed pointing at us and told, Don't move and don't make any noise,' as this guy pulled the curtain shut and left the cab. I heard the door slam and pulled my blindfold down.

How i came to be the guy bitch that I'm this day p 4

the contrast was excellent. this babe looked so nice that this babe was like radiant and we hadn't even started yet.
i was a fully capable vagina eater and quickly went work. after i little bit this babe started groaning louder and louder, then this babe started rocking, then i realized we were still solely on the ottoman. this babe was in no shape to move so i kiss her, pick her up,kiss her afresh greater amount sensually and move up stairs to my large butt daybed room and giant daybed.

Fresh apartment p 3

Lengthy and intensive moments brought all the length of my cock in her constricted, hawt and juicy vagina. This babe groaned in my ear, her hard nipps fondled my chest each time this babe took a unfathomable breath, lazily but with a raising frequence I started to move my cock in and out and shoving it against her interior vagina walls. This babe let me held all her weight so I could did each move I wanted with her.

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