» Afterburn effect .torrent

Afterburn effect .torrent

Kim's 1st Fuckfest p 12

As Bob filled her vagina with his dick Gina came in a screaming torrent of porno dirt.
"Fuck my slit, fuck my throat, fuck my booty, fill me with cum." This babe really became a bit incoherent as her agonorgasmos swept over her. I was worried this babe may pass out or worse, stop licking my puss. Jeff grabbed the back of my head and was quickly fucking my face like there was no the next day. I slipped my left hand betwixt his legs and fingered his booty aperture which had the desired effect of making him cum afresh.

My 1st Bi Three-some Part Three p 3

It was slightly painful but this babe directed my erection towards his butt reaching around to slide a juicy finger into my butthole. After a not many moments I was able to release a torrent over his back and into his rectum. This babe bent down and took my dick in her throat savouring the flavour'. With a mouthful of piddle this babe then moved to the Spouse's throat and began spitting my piddle into his thirsty throat.

How Curious p 21

When this guy came, his load gushed into my throat, a thick torrent that was greater amount than I could drink. As it dripped out from around my lips, this guy carried on fucking me until this guy pulled me urgently to my feet, until we stumbled out onto the floor of the bath, until I was leaning over him, taking my turn to fuck his throat during the time that this guy squeezed the final of his load without his own still hard dick.

The Fresh Raunchy Awakening Part Three

Day Twenty
"It's been Twenty days since I was stripped to the Augmented formula. In that time I've had several partners the one and the other male and female. The chemicle effect appears to be to supress inhabition as well as exaggerating Hormonal production. The effect even overrides raunchy orientation as evidenced by my liason with a confirmed Lesbo classmate. With Spring Break quickly approaching I've decided to put my study on hold.

Servitude/Femdom funfest Part Two p 4

This babe leaned this guy head back and closed her eyes for a pont of time. I saw a leak or 2 of piddle drip without vagina....hitting me on the forehead. Then a torrent of piddle splashed down on my face....filling my throat and nose and eyes. My vision was blurred but I could hear her laugh has this babe aimed her slit all over my face...drowing me in her piddle. As the steam weakened, this babe squated down and said me to take up with the tongue her vagina clean.

Instead of My s****r Ch 03 p 14

I got up early tomorrow, to allow for the 'camouflage' job. The fresh underware of course had an effect. With my melons virtually thrust into the faces of passers-by, I attracted lots of stares, admiring ones from guys, and some from sweethearts that I couldn't be sure about. Some, especially from sweethearts who were with guys I smile back at, were hostile; some appeared to be to be sympathetic, nearly pitying me.


This babe discharged him a look of indignation, telling him that this guy hadn't and wouldn't break her spirit. Brooke's father pinned her arms to either side of her and told, "Do u honestly think u could defend yourself if I decided to take u right now? U're a gorgeous woman, and not a particularly rock hard one, u can't go around teasing anyone u desire or u're gonna end up somewhere u don't wanna be."

My s****r Brooke p 84

I could feel my erection pressing against her throughout my shorts. Apparently, Brooke could feel it too.
"Do I always have that effect on u?" this babe asked.
"Yep, u always have that effect on me. If we room jointly next year, I'll have an erection 24-7."
"Nice. I like u hard," Brooke told as this babe reached down and started unbuckling my shorts. This babe lazily unzipped 'em, during the time that giving a kiss me and slipping her tongue into my throat.

Dear Denise

Dear Denise,
The final time we spoke, u asked me about my 1st experience
with some other woman. To answer your question, no- it wasn't planned.
Actually the 1st time, I was very youthful. As I grew up I tried to keep
thoughts of my 1st, buried beneath a torrent of dreams about guys.
Don't receive me wrong. I liked, and still do like sex with guys.
However, I've come to realize that sex with some other woman can fulfill

Karen p 9

I looked up, but this babe then gave me an apologetic look
'Sorry didn't bring 'em this day.'
I had a frustrated look on my face. I got back to eating her. After 5 minutes I lastly came afresh, but a bigger torrent of juice came rushing out. This time though, Karen left it leaking;
'I like it juicy and wild. The juicy part has been accomplished, now the wild part.'
This babe sat me up and then slipped one of her legs betwixt mine, this babe then held me close.

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